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A quest for simplicity: A Q&A with Migration’s Creative Lead Koyal Singh

As a trusted partner that strives to create transformative journeys, engage customers, and build brands for deeper human connections, Migration is a creative studio known for offering elevated experiences through business-minded creative thinking.

Key to implementing and executing that process at Migration is the company’s creative lead, Koyal Singh. In this Q&A she explains how Migration distinguishes itself from the rest in a highly competitive market.

What makes Migration different from traditional marketing agencies?

We are a bit of a mixed bag of smart creative people who don’t differentiate creativity and strategy. Most, if not all agencies, will say they have a human approach (marketing can be manipulative, like humans too) but I think we have a unique way of finding the balance between creative storytelling and business minded strategy. We try our best to find long lasting impact that will be best for the brand or business in the long term while still leaving room for disruption and creating beautiful things.

What was a hurdle that you had to conquer over the last few years, and how did you successfully overcome them?

I think being taken seriously as a young Creative Lead and the imposter syndrome that comes with it has been a bit of a hurdle. Doubt is just a part of the creative process at this point. What’s helped has been an overly supportive team and just leaning into it. Young people are doing amazing things in all, it really shouldn’t be a thing.

For the most part, just putting my head down and doing the work as best I can has been the solve.

Migration is currently split into 4 core pillars; how important is it to offer a wide range of services in today’s day and age – in what is a very competitive market probably now more so than ever before.

I think it is important and not important at all. I would say what’s most important is that we stay agile and adaptive to whatever the market requires of us. Having a large range of services has allowed us to understand the full ecosystem of the brands we work with but being on a journey with a bespoke partner that you can go to war with is so important too.

As Creative Lead at the company, what is your short- and long-term vision for Migration?

Having serviced local and global clients, my short-term vision would be to continue to attract international work while taking more local brands to great heights, and long term, it would be great to see that materialise into a global presence.

Creating Simple Journeys is Migration’s tagline; how crucial is it to simplify a message and how difficult is it to break through the ‘clutter’ in today’s world, and how can your message remain equally impactful even when considered ’simple’?

Gosh it is SO crucial. Most businesses and brands have systems and processes in place from ages ago! That’s a lot of time to become a lot of complicated. When you’re so close to something, it’s difficult to see through the clutter. I think we, as a 3rd party, have the ability to provide simplicity and objectivity. Brands are screaming at you from everywhere, it’s crucial that we create a more simplified environment, and navigate the clutter for a clearer way forward.

What inspires you as a creative and when do you feel at your most creative?

I’ve recently been trying to be a better reader; I can say it’s really helped me get out of my head when experiencing some creative block or offer some sort of perspective. (Podcasts help too). Some form of physical activity or get away can be really refreshing.

Traveling again (finally) has been super energising as well. But if I had to answer quite literally, I would say I’m most creative and able to work at night. There’s nothing like the fear of disappointing people to help gather some inspiration.

How do you ensure that every piece of content created corresponds equally with what Migration aims to achieve in the work they take on, while also meeting the expectations of the client?

For me, it is generally about consistency. We often consider whether or not a piece of work is worth taking on or not. It usually comes down to – is it something that aligns with us, nothing is too complexed to be simplified and will we get to make cool sh*t? If the answers are yes, we’re all in. I think if we are always in pursuit of creating excellent work, we can’t go wrong (perhaps I’ve drunk the cool aid).

Which project in your time at Migration up until this point do you feel has been the most meaningful and why?

I can’t pick!!Working here has definitely been a journey. I’ve learned so much on so many different projects. It’s difficult to single one out. What’s most fulfilling, getting to immerse and understand different businesses or brands and gaining a new perspective each time. It’s like coming to a different job every day.